About The Gift Box St. Pete

The Gift Box St. Pete

The Gift Box St. Pete downtown St. Petersburg, FL is located on 400 Beach Dr.

The Gift Box of St. Petersburg has a wide selection of gifts. We carry from wedding gifts to baby gifts to home accents to unique souvenirs and more. With inventory coming in everyday The Gift Box is ever changing.

The Gift Box St. Pete, FL has numerous gifts for visitors and residents of
sunny, spectacular St. Petersburg, Florida. We carry everything from
wedding and baby gifts to gifts for the home and custom-designed jewelry to fragrance candles, gifts for guys, treasured pop-up books, special holiday gifts, and more. We offer items that can’t be found in other places and our inventory moves quickly.

Select gifts that will be cherished for many years.

Gifts and treasures they'll cherish for years.

Many come here to select something by local designers and artists. Some want something practical and others want a treasure that adds fashion and flair. We offer souvenirs, gifts, accessories, and products for everyone on your gift and shopping list. New items arrive daily, so each time you step in our doors, you will have a unique experience. Plus if you find something you like, we suggest you get it right away before it’s gone.

We are now mobile to meet your needs right where you want via cell phones & mobile devices. To opt in for coupons, special events, news, giveaways more, text giftsale to 59769

Through the years, our loyal customers, and visitors who happen by, are
all in amazement of the incredible array gifts and items to choose from
The variety is vast because that’s what you’ve been telling and showing us
that you want for many years. Our new website will be live soon and we
appreciate your patience as we make it fabulous because you deserve it.

We know that when you’re visiting the Tampa Bay/St. Pete area, you’ll want
to bring home something that is more than a souvenir.; something so unique that this is where the locals shop. We also know that whether you’re a local resident or a tourist, you want unique, priced-just-right items that are the perfect touches.

The owners of The Gift Box St. Pete know and love St. Petersburg. They support St. Pete and area towns.

Judy Bailey, Scott Velez, and Linda Albrecht are passionate about St. Pete & her surrounding areas.

Our team here at The Gift Box have been local residents of the area for many years and will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Even if it’s where to find the best seafood or how to get to the nearest gas station. We love the St. Pete community, its residents and visitors.

You”re looking for items that can serve as all-in-one gifts and souvenirs
plus for practical purpose and we have it. You’re searching for something unique and extravagant, we have it. Our gift to you is The Gift Box boutique.

Stop in today just to say hello. We love meeting new people. Find the
perfect gift for that special someone. While you’re here, pick something
out for yourself, too.

We are now mobile to meet your needs right where you want via cell phones & mobile devices. To opt in for coupons, special events, news, giveaways more, text giftsale to 59769


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